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Ryza thighs have been made Bigger for Atelier Ryza 3

Ryza thighs have been made Bigger

Confirmed by the person who designed the game, Ryza thighs have been made Bigger for Atelier Ryza 3. When the first Atelier Ryza released, a lot was said about the girl’s thighs, which were really big.

Then Atelier Ryza 2 came out, and fans noticed a visual boost in the girl’s thighs, and in a lot of the skins and merchandise the developer really focuses on Ryza’s thighs.

And some time ago they announced the 3rd game in the series, which will be Ryza’s last as a protagonist, and once again her thighs look bigger than her thighs in the second game.

Ryza thighs have been made Bigger
Ryza thighs have been made Bigger

However, thanks to an interview that Toridamono gave to the 4Gamer website, we have confirmation that Ryza’s thighs were indeed have been maker bigger, so much so that he said that seeing the images of the first game, he feels that Ryza’s thighs in the first game were very thin.

Read the interview excerpt:

4Gamer: Ryza is the character who got her name out there, she became a huge topic of discussion, and she’s a character we’ve been following for a long time since Ryza 1 and 2. With the conclusion of her story in sight, what kind of thoughts did you have when design it in this game?

Toridamono: I wanted to make a cute design that doesn’t betray people’s expectations and also maintains her image. That said, it’s clear that the initial preliminary designs were tweaks to her previous design, such as having her wear a coat and changing her silhouette.

4Gamer: So it’s not like you had a set image early on for adult Ryza.

Toridamono: No way. But for a Ryza who has gone through 1 and 2, at an age where she would have graduated from university, when I thought of how to showcase an experienced Ryza, I decided to base it on a mix of her 1 and 2 designs. minor changes as you went along.

Ryza thighs have been made Bigger Ryza thighs have been made Bigger

4Gamer: There are many smaller variations.

Toridamono: Right, I was very careful.

4Gamer: Anyway, you can tell just from the rough design that her thighs are really thick.

Toridamono: It’s partially the evolution of my art style, but also a way of easily saying that she has physically aged. However, even I don’t know how thick Ryza’s thighs must be anymore. When I look back on it today, Ryza 1’s thighs are very thin.

4Gamer: You got totally numb to that. (laughter)

Toridamono: If you don’t show off too much, there are some aspects that just aren’t communicated well. I thought that if I did that, she would look more like a mature older sister.

Ryza thighs have been made Bigger

4Gamer: True, it looks like Ryza’s ‘big sister’ feeling has really taken off. She has really grown up compared to Ryza 1.

Toridamono: When I saw the life-size statues of Ryza at this year’s TGS, I felt the same way. Ryza 2’s design seemed especially difficult and a set of concepts that didn’t quite fit together, so I made that for this game. You can tell when they are side by side.

As you can see, Ryza’s Thighs have been increased even for each new appearance of her. Atelier Ryza 3 will be released on February 24 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and PS5.

via: 4Gamer