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Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol

Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol

Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol! Recently, an issue of Japanese Playboy magazine drew attention for putting an AI model on the cover.

Called Ai Satsuki, the AI-Made gravure idol is described as ”full of masculine ideals” and claims that ”Even if she doesn’t exist, the love for her that wells up in your heart is real”.

Check out the issue of Playboy in which Ai Satsuki made her debut:

Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol

Normally for these magazines, gravure idols are hired to take bikini photos, but this edition wanted to do something different, and instead of using a real woman, they wanted a AI-Made gravure idol and sold the magazine with “photos” of Ai Satsuki.

Ai is officially listed as being 1.57 centimeters tall, in addition to being born in Tokyo and enjoying playing video games as a hobby. There were many reactions regarding the AI model, and below you can see some reactions from the public:

”No scandals. No scheduling issues. No talent agency issues. No appearance fees. It seems good”

”I want Weekly Playbou to photograph real people”

”Eventually, I think people will come to appreciate AI gravure models”

”She is beautiful!”

”I hope this is a one-off thing and doesn’t take up the page space of the actual gravure models”

”When are we going to see a video of Ai Satsuki?”

”She is beautiful! Following her account and keeping an eye on what she does next”

Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol

In a statement published today, Shueisha (publisher of Weekly Playboy) said this was a project aimed at exploring the possibilities of AI.

They say that after they launched the magazine (which came out on May 29th), they received a number of opinions, and that after careful consideration, they came to the conclusion that there was insufficient consideration and discussion regarding various issues and points related to the process. generation by AI.

Therefore sales related to Ai Satsuki ended.

“This could become an obstacle to AI development.”

“Oh, it caused that much controversy?”

“I just want to know how much it sold.”

“There must have been complaints due to conflicting interests.”

“We don’t need AI Gravure or AI Illustration.”

“Maybe it’s because the copyright wasn’t clear. If it was a model trained on data owned by the company itself, maybe there would be no problem”

“I believe there is no problem with the AI Gravure itself, but I understood that the reason is because it resembles someone too much”

Shueisha Suspends sales of AI-Made Gravure Idol

The reason for the suspension is unclear, but that last comment has a grain of truth. Right after the AI gravure came out in Playboy, Japanese people soon saw a strong resemblance between Ai Satsuki and gravure idol Hikari Kabashima, as you can see in the image above.

Via: Shueisha

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