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Watahazu is the new Manga about Little Sister by the Author of Oreimo

Watahazu é o novo Mangá sobre Irmãzinha do Autor de Oreimo

Oreimo author Fushimi Tsukasa strikes with a new story involving little sisters, this time in Watahazu or Watashi no Hatsukoi wa Hazukashisugite Darenimo Ienai.

Our protagonist is called Chiaki Yasumi, he is an intelligent, athletic boy who has two beautiful sisters, one older and one younger, he only has one problem, he has never been popular with girls, but that promises to change as he is now a very cute girl!

Watashi no Hatsukoi wa Hazukashisugite Darenimo Ienai

Watahazu is the new Manga about Little Sister by the Author of Oreimo

When Chiaki wakes up one day he realizes that he is now a girl and a VERY cute girl (it’s the girl with pink hair in the image above), he then goes to meet his sister Kaede, who treats him very coldly, it turns out that Kaede also went through a change in her body, she now…


Kaede didn’t turn into a boy but she has a “certain part” that boys have, and Kaede’s is huge to the point of making Chiaki scared by its size.

The two then think about the only possibility of all this happening to them, their older sister, who is a mad scientist! Yuuko, despite being much older than Chiaki and Kaede, Yuuko has a very young appearance.

Yuuko says that everything is part of her experiment, and now Chiaki must live as a girl, which he doesn’t complain about because even as a girl he declared that he will make girls fall for him, while Kaede has a…


Yes, even Yuuko is scared by the enormous size of Kaede’s axe, and it is obvious that Kaede doesn’t want that in her and forces her sister to return her body to normal, something that Yuuko even tries but fails to do.

And it seems that Kaede ends up developing a crush on her own brother-turned-girl. The author of Oreimo has now gone to new heights with this story.

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