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Man becomes Waifu and now some Otakus want to become Cute girls

Man Becomes Waifu in Transformation That Goes Viral in Japan

A publication on Twitter ended up becoming a topic due to a transformation that surprised many people and also motivated others to pursue the same goal, that of becoming a cute girl!

Man Becomes Waifu in Transformation That Goes Viral in Japan

The post in question brings two images of what you think are different people, but according to the description, it’s the same person! The image on the left is the before, and the image on the right is the after.

Man Becomes Waifu in Transformation That Goes Viral in Japan

In the description we have:

”The past and present of a 45-year-old man. The first image is from 12 years ago, while the second is current. As you can see, in the first photo I have about 115 kilos, in the second, only 54 kilos”.

Impressive! Nanamikana’s post had 3.9 million views and several comments, later more details were given:

”Another interesting thing to note is the size of the clothes that went from XXL to M. The pants changed from 40 to 28 skinny and my shoe size went from 29 to 27 centimeters. Simply incredible!”.

Man becomes Waifu – Japanese reactions:

Let’s go to the comments from the guys about this achievement?

”Maybe I should try too?!”

”What impresses is the weight loss, the rest is normal”

”What? Does that mean I still have a chance? I also want to be a beautiful girl!”

”I’ll do that too”

”I too will be reborn as a beautiful girl! It looks like he lost weight by cutting carbs and eating tofu, chicken and salad, cheese and cabbage.

”Wow. this is amazing!”

”Anyone who sees this and immediately believes it should have their heads examined”

It seems that everyone now seeing that it is possible wants to become cute girls.

According to Google, the term otokonoko originated from manga and internet culture in the 2000s, but it reflects a range of past traditions and examples of drag-wearing by men in Japan. It is often combined with the cosplay of female characters by men.

Via: Otakomu

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