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Ultra Jump Issue Reprinted After 11 Years Because of JOJOLands

Ultra Jump Issue Reprinted After 11 Years Because of JOJOLands

Do you know how the release of manga works in Japan? Usually manga are published in weekly or monthly magazines, for example, Demon Slayer comes out every week in Shonen Jump.

When several chapters had already come out, then they compiled these chapters to form a volume of such a manga, and recently we had the release of part 9 of JoJo, called JOJOLands, which debuted in Ultra Jump magazine on February 17th.

It turns out that something extraordinary happened, the magazine’s official profile announced that the issue containing the first chapter of JOJOLands is going to be reprinted!

You might think ok, every now and then we post here about magazines and manga being reprinted, but the case here shows the power of hype that the crowd has with Part 9 of JoJo.

In the entire history of Ultra Jump, this is only the 4th time that an issue of the magazine ends up being reprinted! And do you know when was the last time this happened? 11 years ago!

The other 3 times an issue of Ultra Jump was reprinted were as follows:

  • April 2010 Issue: Celebrating JoJo’s 100th Volume
  • June 2011 Issue: Beginning of JoJo Part 8
  • October 2012 Issue: 25 years of Jojo

As you may have noticed, JoJo was the reason Ultra Jump ended up going through a reprint all 4 times! The power of the stands is really immense, so much so that the magazine is reprinted after all these years.

Via: Oficial Twitter