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Illustrator Matsuuni Reveals He’s in His 50s

Illustrator Matsuuni Reveals He's in His 50s

Normally, we fans barely know about the lives of our favorite artists in the industry. Recently, illustrator Matsuuni took to social media to leave a message that generated a buzz among Japanese users.

He ended up revealing his age, something that we don’t usually know among illustrators, as the Japanese are very reserved when it comes to their privacy.

Illustrator Matsuuni Reveals He’s in His 50s

Here’s the message that received over 120,000 likes on X:

“I intended to hide this forever, but I’m in my 50s. When I was 20, I aspired to be an illustrator but failed. I found inspiration to start drawing again when I left my job at the age of 40.

Now, I am very happy to work in this field. Being in my 50s, I am facing some challenges due to the issues that come with age, but I wanted to share a bit of my feelings with you while I still have the energy and strength!”

Matsuuni is one of the illustrators for the light novel “Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore,” which received an anime adaptation in 2021. He has also illustrated two other light novels, “Luminous☆Idol” and “Shachi ni Narimashita Orcanative,” both from 2016.

source: Twitter via OtakuUSAmagazine

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