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Takahiro Sakurai will no longer be voicing in AYAKA

Takahiro Sakurai will no longer be voicing in AYAKA

Today the official profile of the new AYAKA anime announced that “for various reasons”, seiyuu Takahiro Sakurai will no longer be voicing the character Haruaki Kurama.

The profile of the anime has not yet revealed who will be the new seiyuu who will take the role, remembering that the anime is scheduled to premiere this year yet, the revelation came through the official website of AYAKA.

Takahiro Sakurai Faces Trouble for Cheating case

We previously reported that seiyuu Takahiro Sakurai was caught and admitted that he cheated on his wife for a long time. Well, a month ago it was reported that the woman involved in Sakurai’s betrayal demanded 10 million yen from him in damages, which was refused.

Takahiro Sakurai admite que Traiu esposa

So Sakurai now faces legal problems due to the betrayal, as the woman is demanding reparations, it is worth mentioning that the woman Sakurai was involved with, cheating on his wife, did not know that he was married.

It is a norm that famous people in this industry end up not disclosing that they are married to preserve their private life. The case already affects Seiyuu’s career, at the end of last year, his appearance at the Jujutsu Kaisen event at Jump Festa ended up being cancelled.