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Sally Amaki voices Carol in the Japanese and English version of Tomo-chan

Sally Amaki voices Carol in the Japanese and English version of Tomo-chan

Are you watching the anime of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko? I recently spoke here about the mother of the character Carol, as the anime cut the information that Ferris ended up having Carol at the age of XX.

But now we’re going to talk about an interesting curiosity about Carol’s voice actress, who gives Carol’s voice in the Japanese version of the anime is Sally Amaki,

Sally is best known for her role as Sakura Fujima in the anime 22/7. What if I tell you that Sally Amaki is voicing Tomo-chan’s Carol, in the Japanese version and also in the English version of the anime?

Yes, and she published a video on her official profile showing the recordings of the American version of the anime:

Sally Amaki was actually born in the United States, in Los Angeles, because of that she is fluent in Japanese and English, which allows her to dub her character in both versions!

Her video of the recordings of the English version of the anime received over 195k views and it’s impressive isn’t it? It’s interesting to see that she’s being asked to do the English anime recordings as well, in addition to the Japanese version.

Sally Amaki’s story is interesting, she moved to Japan in 2016, influenced by anime she wanted to become a voice actress, however she failed several auditions until she passed a project for the idol group 22/7.

She didn’t want to become an idol, but a voice actress, so she was reluctant to accept this role, but she did and that’s when she went viral as an idol who was fluent in English.