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Tomo-chan anime didn’t show the age of Carol mother

Tomo-chan anime didn't show the age of Carol mother

Look, apparently the anime of Tomo-chan wa Onna no Ko decided to cut a part of the manga to avoid controversy! They basically didn’t talk about Carol’s Mother’s Age

Episode 5 adapts there for chapters 240 etc and the first part is about visiting Carol’s house and the second part is about Tomo spending the night at her lover’s house.

There the two girls meet Carol’s mother, Ferris, who is a very cute girl and just like her daughter, but the anime cut a certain interaction that she has in the manga.

Basically what they cut from the anime was this scene here:


Tomo-chan anime didn't show the age of Carol mother

If you do the math, you can see that Carol is 15 years old, her mother is only 28 years old, which means that Ferris had Carol when she was 13!

Some comments they made on the Cakemoe page:

“13 years, the pudding was eaten”

“Considering that her father could also have married at that age at 13, then it wouldn’t be a problem that depending on the region in Japan and the whole issue of the fertility issue, getting married and having a child at 13 or 14 is completely normal.”

“that would be bullshit like killing gavida in a Mahou Shoujo”

“I wish I didn’t understand…”

“I’m glad they cut it. The bullshit that was going to happen”

“I made the account here, it was better not to have done it”

“Even Gundou was surprised lol”

Yeah, the manga shows this fact but the anime decided to cut it, was it for the best to have omitted this information about Carol’s mother?