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Author Yoshiura Kazuya censors his Illustrations for Modern Values

Author H Yoshiura Kazuya censors his Illustrations for Modern Values

Many people and companies these days act in a way of self-censorship for the sake of the modern public, who don’t want to see things considered “offensive“, and if I tell you that there is an R18 manga author who self-censored because of this ?

His name is Yoshiura Kazuya, author of some manga with stories about betrayal, futanari among others, Yoshiura Kazuya has become a subject on Japanese twitter for the attitudes he took after this transformation.

Basically what happened is he deleted a lot of adult illustrations that he had done that he found offensive, he also blocked lots and lots of people who were against his new ideals.

One of the facts that the staff pulls was the self-censorship he made, deleting several of his illustrations and modifying others, such as the art below:

Author H Yoshiura Kazuya censors his Illustrations for Modern Values

Originally the illustration above showed the woman’s panties, but Yoshiura Kazuya cut that part and uploaded the version above, saying that he had deleted the original version because it was not “up to his current standards” and that he would modify or delete his other ones. arts accordingly.

As I mentioned above, many people reported that they were blocked by author R18:

Some of the people above have only just discovered that they have been blocked by the author.

Where is Yoshiura Kazuya currently?

Honestly, I don’t know, her last twitter posts date back to 2021, and they’re all about something that involves politics. According to what some people said, because of that 180 that the author gave, he also hasn’t been getting any more work in adult manga magazines.

Not if we have more news of what he’s currently up to.