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Former idol found dead in hotel

Former idol found dead in hotel

A 54-year-old man was recently arrested on suspicion of murdering a former idol. Fuchu police arrested a man named Akira Ishikawa on February 3, allegedly killing a 24-year-old former idol named Sana Hirabayashi in a Tokyo hotel.

Security camera footage recorded the two entering the hotel at 2am on February 2nd, Ishikawa left the hotel alone around 4 hours later. The hotel staff became concerned when Hirabayashi wouldn’t come out of the room they stayed in.

They called the police and when the authorities arrived, they found the idol’s body, naked, with stab wounds.

Former idol found dead in hotel

It wasn’t difficult to find Akira Ishikawa, he was in his condominium which is about a kilometer from the hotel, he had the idol’s ID when the police searched him, as well as the knife stained with blood.

He admitted to killing Sana, reportedly stabbing her to death while the woman was sleeping.

Sana Hirabayashi comes from a family of doctors, after finishing high school she joined an underground idol group and started performing, but this career was short-lived, she then started doing cosplay.

She and Ishikawa met several times, it is still unknown how they came to know each other or why he killed her.