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Romcoms should end after the Confession? Otaku debate

Romcoms should end after the Confession?

Do you think romcoms should end after the confession? After the protagonist confesses to the girl or the other way around, what else could be explored in this story?

It’s very common for a manga to show us the unfolding of the novel with scenes like the fireworks, scenes on the beach, the school’s cultural festival, the super cute scene of the couple trapped inside the physical education equipment warehouse, in short, things like that kind we’re bald to know.

Romcoms should end after the Confession?

Well, without further ado, let’s get to the opinions of the otakus:

”It seems like there’s only one development, like having sex or fighting and breaking up”

”Romantic comedies are manga for young people. You should experience it for yourself when you’re in a relationship”

”You can’t stay in the development of love”

Romcoms should end after the Confession?

”Are there any manga that continue to be serialized after they come together? The rest are already by inertia, right?”

”You can’t finish it, so you just go through the motions, and that’s where it goes to shit”

”Tonikaku Kawaii is about a couple that are together and Akari Kito said it’s her favorite romantic comedy”

”A romantic comedy manga for girls called Itazura na Kiss has moved from high school to college to work to marriage and pregnancy. The author died and it was never finished, but it was successful”

”I get so emotional with the heroine together with the hero that when they get together they become a couple disconnected from me and I can’t get emotionally involved with the character”

In fact, we have Tonikaku Kawaii, which tells the story of two characters who are already a couple, but… What about fun? Because there is no unfolding of the whole novel, right? Leave in the comments what you think.

Via: Yaraon

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