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Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned! But don’t worry, it’s not exactly the anime character, but rather the YouTuber Rengoku Kuroaki who had his official YouTube account banned due to anti-harassment policies. He took to Twitter to express his anger at the banning of his channel.

“My YouTube channel being banned is crap. Google’s employees and administration are very incompetent; this is very irrational. I will sue them!! Give me back my passive income of 2 million yen per month. How am I supposed to eat now, WTF.”

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

The YouTuber revealed that the ban is permanent, and he lost between 1.5 to 2 million yen per month in passive income (around R$ 64,000). He then stated that he was joining the Shinjuku 109 KENZO YouTube channel.

However, a member of Shinjuku 109 KENZO posted on Twitter shortly after, saying that he lectured Rengoku for an hour and would never be part of the Shinjuku 109 KENZO YouTube channel. He also made him delete the post.

A selfie of Rengoku with YouTuber Johnny Somali was also posted, whom he claimed to have “rehabilitated” and asked others for forgiveness.

The banned YouTuber responded, saying: “It’s me! I never had the intention to join! I wouldn’t be myself anymore if I joined any group, which would disappoint my fans and enemies. I’ll pay my own debts.”

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

The banned YouTuber is now desperately trying to find work:

“I’ve been banned from YouTube, so I’ll be the host of Rengoku Kuroaki now. Any club owner in Kabukicho or Roppongi, please contact me! I will continue my influencer activities! My recent activities may be considered the worst image for a host club in Japan, but if you don’t mind, please DM me! Instagram works too.”

Rengoku had his YouTube channel banned

The reason for his channel being banned is probably due to the type of videos he has been making, which has become quite popular on Japanese YouTube recently – the “anti-crime YouTubers.”

These YouTubers roam the streets looking for “criminals,” such as scalpers, people taking secret photos of others, and the like. They then hunt down these individuals, film them, and “detain” them until the police arrive.

This type of YouTuber has been heavily criticized online because they are not law enforcement. There are cases of anti-crime YouTubers detaining people in a location and searching through their phones for potential evidence of crimes, which is one of the actions that generates the most outrage online.

via: Você Sabia Anime

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