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Anti-Crime Youtuber Criticized After Video of Him Immobilizing a Scalper Emerges

Anti-Crime Youtuber Criticized After Video of Him Immobilizing a Scalper Emerges

Scalpers are one of the types of individuals that annoy others the most. Just imagine: your favorite band comes to your city, it’s a dream you didn’t expect, and then you try to buy the tickets, but find out that everything is sold out.

And then, at the show’s entrance, you come across those individuals, known as scalpers, selling tickets for two or even three times the original value. This is truly frustrating.

Anti-Crime Youtuber Criticized After Video of Him Immobilizing a Scalper Emerges

Funaim is a Japanese Youtuber who also can’t stand scalpers – in fact, he doesn’t tolerate anyone involved in crimes. He calls himself the “Anti-Crime Activist.”

Funaim is 43 years old and, in the past, he was a criminal, even being arrested years ago for fraud, related to a bank transfer scam.

This experience changed his life, and he now claims to be a “reformed” person, committed to “fighting crime.”

His most recent action was to immobilize a scalper and make him reconsider his actions. You can check out the video below, in which Funaim immobilizes the scalper and talks to him:

The story behind this is as follows: the scalper in question was selling tickets for a show by the famous idol group Nogizaka46. The anti-crime Youtuber confronted the scalper, and both ended up on the ground, as you can see.

Funaim then explains to the scalper that his actions are criminal and that he could be imprisoned for several months, facing a high fine of up to 1 million yen.

Below is the relevant video, available on Funaim’s channel for those who want to watch:

Funaim then shares with the scalper that many people try to buy these tickets to watch their favorite idols’ shows, and that there are people who can’t due to individuals like him.

He questions whether the scalper has ever thought about the feelings of these people. The scalper even apologizes, saying “sinto muito” (I’m sorry), but Funaim doesn’t let him go and doesn’t accept his initial apologies.

The anti-crime Youtuber’s action quickly went viral, generating many favorable comments towards Funaim’s attitude. Many believe that scalpers and other offenders who harm others deserve to be punished.

However, there were criticisms of Funaim’s “justice,” with some considering his action against the scalper as excessive and going too far.


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