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Rem’s voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

Rem's voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

Inori Minase is mainly known among otaku audiences for voicing Rem in the isekai anime Re:Zero. Minase is one of Japan’s most famous voices, extending beyond her work as a voice actress to include singing.

Recently, Inori Minase has found herself in a major controversy with her fans, as it was discovered that she had an alternate Twitter account where she spoke ill of other voice actresses!

Rem’s voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

It all started with the tweet below, already deleted but we have the saved screenshot, from Inori Minase’s official account, commenting on a publication from a Japanese gossip magazine that said, “A New Black Organization is formed,” referencing an organization in the Detective Conan series.

Rem's voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

And what did Inori Minase comment on the publication? She said, “Idiots who didn’t listen to Inori Minase’s warnings.” This could have passed as just a joke, but fans’ suspicions were raised by what happened next.

The post was deleted almost immediately, and shortly after, a new tweet was made informing fans that the account had been hacked and that they were investigating what had been posted.

This raised suspicions among fans because, first, hackers do not delete posts immediately when hacking an account, and secondly, official accounts commenting on gossip magazine posts is not strange.

Fans’ Investigation Raises Suspicions about Inori Minase’s Alternate Account

Soon, fans began to investigate and discovered that there is a fan account for Inori Minase called “Doyakonga” under the username “ujiiiiiiii2” (this account no longer exists). A few days earlier, the Doyakonga account had commented on a post from the same gossip magazine.

People found that the two accounts, Inori Minase’s official account and Doyakonga’s, have a tendency to end their sentences with !!, as you can see in the screenshots below:

Rem's voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

Now comes the strangest part, the Doyakonga account was deactivated shortly after that tweet from Inori Minase’s official account was deleted. This series of events led many on Japanese Twitter to suspect that Doyakonga is actually Inori Minase herself. Subsequent tracking also revealed something very interesting, especially this account somehow knew about the plot of Furina from Genshin Impact, which was dubbed by Minase Inori.

Inori Minase controversia 2


The fan account “Doyakonga” is entirely dedicated to Inori Minase, but on the other hand, it also tends to act very negatively towards other artists in the industry.

The theory states that Inori Minase was behind the now-deleted Doyakonga account on Twitter. It is worth noting that on the platform, you have the option to switch between accounts you have access to. According to the theory, Minase may have forgotten that she was on her official account and made this post as if she were on the “Doyakonga” profile.

Rem's voice actress, Inori Minase, embroiled in Twitter Controversy

  • The account has a lot of new information about Inori Minase.
  • The account posted many defamatory messages against other voice actresses besides Inori Minase.
  • The account had the same hobbies as the voice actress.
  • The writing style and use of emoticons are the same as the official posts from the voice actress.
  • The number of posts about the voice actress’s feelings and emotions is extremely high.
  • After suspicions arose that Minase was behind this account, it was immediately deleted.

Continuing, we have the voice actresses that have already been mentioned by the Doyakonga profile and what such profile said about each one:

Yui Ogura (can’t synchronize lips in live shows, the songs she supposedly wrote were written by other people, agencies force productions to hire her, which is not good for attracting her fans).

Yuka Iguchi (her albums are not sold, she had plastic surgery and increased the size of her breasts). Akari Kitou and Yuu Serizawa (had plastic surgery on several occasions).

Saori Oonishi (she is hiding her marriage to Rikuya Yasuda), Miku Itou (ignored my greetings), Maaya Uchida (the sales of her products are not as big as they say).

Dubladora da Rem, Inori Minase envolvida em Polêmica no Twitter

Two voice actresses kind of gave hints to Inori Minase regarding the whole situation, Miku Itou said she would need to “look into the eyes of others” when greeting to avoid misunderstandings. Yuka Iguchi said that “those who laugh at others’ hard work are always those who don’t work hard.”

Dubladora da Rem, Inori Minase envolvida em Polêmica no Twitter

Many people received Minase’s message with displeasure, generating many criticisms, while others defended her, saying that everyone can make mistakes. All the comments mentioned above are just rumors, a theory, and it is necessary to deal with this information cautiously. In addition to voicing Rem, other notable works by the artist include Hestia in DanMachi and Itsuki Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets.

via Twitter, Otakomu

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