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Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

You know the Atelier series? No? It’s a series of JRPGs where in all the games you end up controlling a girl who wants to become the best alchemist she can be. The games are often described as “Slice of life JRPGs” because they are usually very calm and relaxing.

You may not know the series, but you must have heard about Ryza and the size of her thighs. The series, despite being calm, has always had some kind of fanservice and this is no different with other titles that are not Ryza’s.

New ecchi Figure of Atelier Sophie

Besides Atelier Ryza, we have Atelier Sophie, which is actually the Japanese favorite protagonist, and recently a new figure of her was revealed. The figure shows Sophie with an expression of irritability while trying to cover herself with a dress she will wear while in her underwear:

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

The figure is of an ecchi nature, something that Sophie is not free from even in the games, as it is possible to put her in just a bikini in her own game as you can see below:

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

It all started when the official account of the Famitsu game magazine published the new Sophie figure. The publication reached almost 30 million views as controversy arose around it.

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

Soon a war started in the comments of this publication, with some profiles identifying themselves as feminists complaining about the figure. The argument is that the figure is showing a girl, under age, in a vulnerable situation.

The figure in question is based on the first game, in this game Sophie is only 16 years old, and only in the second game is she an adult at 19 years old, so some people are using this as an argument to say that Famitsu “supports” abuse against minors.

Another person made their version of the illustration, but this time with a boy:

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

A fan of the games commented that the figure is based on an illustration that was distributed in 2016, during the release of the first game, and that at that time there was not all this controversy, but now, because it has become a figure, there is this problem and wonders why.

Responding to the person above, another profile said: “The idea that things we like should be known to the general public has always seemed a bit arrogant or overly self-conscious to me. I think this kind of thinking is one of the negative aspects of modern otaku culture. There are many things that otakus know and the general public doesn’t, so it’s not normal not to know about these things?”.

Atelier Sophie Figure Target of Complaints from Feminists

The profile from the above print commented: “They talk about not being able to distinguish between reality and fiction, but this is clearly a female figure created from a ‘real woman’, isn’t it? Even if it’s a scene where this woman is being abused being used for profit in a insensitive way, shouldn’t real women complain? At least do it where real women don’t see it.”

Defending the figure, an otaku said: “In the past, people used to say that if you watched anime, read manga or played games, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish reality from fiction.

In reality, people who are not familiar with these things tend to talk about human rights of something that does not exist. People who cannot distinguish reality from fiction are more in evidence. And even if we fixed everything based on your complaints, it wouldn’t help.”

Below are some other comments made on the Famitsu publication:

“”Cute angry movements” are the most disgusting thing. What is Famitsu…”

“Peeping is also a sexual crime. Japan has many people with criminal sexual desires, doesn’t it?”

“Japan is in economic decline because it only does things like selling women’s bodies. Next year, it will be surpassed by India in terms of GDP. They can’t do a decent job, after all.”

“Stop belittling the dignity, hurt and anger of people who are trampled and hurt and protest against it, using small expressions like ‘cute angry movements’. We are against the trivialization of sexual crimes.”

“Protest against, which promotes figures that consume the crime of voyeurism, degrading otaku figures as potential sexual criminals with distorted perceptions. They are addicted to sex. Their perceptions are distorted.”

“Turning a criminal act like peeping, which is sexual violence, into a figure and appreciating it as ‘cute’ is despicable. Furthermore, exposing oneself in lingerie in front of the mirror shows despair and lack of humanity.”

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