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Japanese people don’t recognize rapper Travis Scott

Japanese people don't recognize rapper Travis Scott

Travis Scott is a very popular rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer in North America. Recently, rapper Travis Scott decided to venture to Tokyo and discovered that he is not that famous among Japanese people.

In the video below, you see him wearing a very flashy sweatshirt at a busy intersection in Tokyo, but he was not recognized by the Japanese passing by:

Japanese people don’t recognize rapper Travis Scott

Shall we see some comments about that?

”I’d have to know who he is before I even recognize him”

”I doubt anyone would recognize him unless he was as big as Michael Jackson”

”All I know is that he collaborated with Nike. So he’s a musician?”

”Isn’t he popular only in America? He’s probably smaller on a global scale”

”Dont care! Be like Keanu and go quietly enjoy some ramen”

”Foreigners are not noticed unless they have more aura and stature. I love Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, but I doubt they would be recognized for their small stature and if they wore something like Uniqlo clothes”


”Black faces don’t look different so I don’t recognize any”

”I don’t know any rappers lol”

”For the Japanese, blacks are just blacks”

”All black people have the same faces. I’m sure we all look the same to them”

”Is he famous in Africa?”

”All I know is that this guy’s Nike shoes sell for ridiculous prices”

Rapper Travis Scott stood there at the intersection for a while, hoping to be recognized by someone, but he didn’t. People just walked past him and went on with their lives.

Could it be that if he was an otaku rapper, things would be different?

Via: NewWeekJapan