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Tomoko’s voice, Izumi Kitta was harassed as a student

Tomoko's voice, Izumi Kitta was harassed as a student

Voice of Tomoko, Izumi Kitta was harassed every day when she was a student. The story of the Watamote anime revolves around a girl named Tomoko (played by seiyuu Izumi Kitta).

Tomoko is a gamer girl who has social phobia and is addicted to otomes games, those simulators where the person must develop a relationship with a male character.

Izumi Kitta was harassed as a student

We can say that Tomoko is a character that directly reflects what an otaku is in popular opinion, but today we are not going to talk about Watamote, nor its protagonist, but Tomoko’s seiyuu who made a strong statement on Twitter recently.

Izumi Kitta suffered harassment according to her publication below, check out what she said exactly:

”Everyone says Japan is a safe country, but I was bullied every day when I was a student. Being abroad makes me wonder which is more peaceful: the UK, where people are careful not to have their phone stolen on the train, or Japan, where people are careful not to be sexually assaulted. When I talk about harassment in Japan abroad, people can’t believe something like this actually happens”

We have already reported here several cases of harassment such as that of a mangaka who was arrested for committing harassment against minors and there is also the case of singer Ushio Hashimoto who has already suffered harassment by Dragon Ball fans.

Even with the information that Izumi Kitta was harassed when she was a student, she was criticized by some people, some found comments of her “sending the UK to learn from Japan” in certain respects, in total, there is no place without flaws to if you live.

Via: Twitter