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”harder, harder”, says Otaku when kicked by a Cosplayer

''harder, harder'', says otaku when kicked by a cosplayer

Otakus love to be treated badly by pretty girls. Today we are going to bring you a video of an otaku who asks a cosplayer to kick him with all his might.

”harder, harder”, says otaku when kicked by a cosplayer. A Twitter user posted a video not long ago that went viral. In this video, we have an otaku who is kicked by a young girl in a cosplay of Power from Chainsaw Man.

”Stronger, stronger”, says otaku when kicked by a cosplayer

The young woman with the Power cosplay kicks him 3 times while the otaku asks for more strength shouting ”Stronger, stronger!”.

We went after some reactions online and got jokes like:

”Otaku should not breed”

”I don’t understand why people do this”

”What happened to the shame?”

”She’s preventing him from breeding, let natural selection take its course”

There are otakus who go to events to enjoy everything they have to offer like buying anime items, enjoying the attractions, etc. But there are also those who love to be beaten at these events!

Source: Twitter

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