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How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events?

How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events?

Have you ever wondered how much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events? Although it is a work of fiction, this anime uses events and situations that could occur in the current scenario of the entertainment industry.

It is important to note that this is not a documentary and is not intended to attack real people. Keep reading to learn more about the behind the scenes of this captivating story.

How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events?

During the creation of Oshi no Ko, extensive research was carried out on the entertainment industry depicted in the anime. In an interview with ANN, author Aka Akasaka revealed:

“The lines of research coverage for Oshi no Ko are very extensive. We go around listening to real stories and personal assessments from top talent, underground idols, people working in TV stations, real producers, managers, editors of gossip magazines , YouTubers, screenwriters and many others.”

How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events?

During this process, interesting aspects about the balance of power and logic present in the entertainment industry were revealed. Situations of dissatisfaction, such as “A superficially raises B, superficially B raises C and superficially C raises A”, are attributed to specific circumstances and rules.

Differences in the Entertainment Industry between Japan and the US

It is important to mention that the entertainment industry in Japan differs from the industry in the US. Currently, there is no union of talents and writers, nor guarantees. Auditions are often overlooked in the casting process, and opportunities are based on the balance of power between companies. Basically, challenging the office manager or other similar structures is a tough job.

You might be wondering what prompted the author to portray the world of idols so darkly and dramatically in a work of fiction. The answer lies in real events that reveal the dark side of this industry. Cases in which cast members were attacked by fans after a film’s release, causing significant emotional damage, have awakened the author’s conscience.

How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events

Upon discovering these situations, the author realized that many talents have to hide their true essence for the sake of their works and the fans who support them. With the spread of the internet, fans’ voices are heard directly, putting young talent in a vulnerable position.

Oshi no Ko seeks to expose how these talents are injured, exploited and suffer in their journey. In addition, the work provokes reflections on how people should deal with and treat these talents, raising important questions about the entertainment industry.

Is Oshi no Ko based on real events? Even the Characters are inspired by real People?

How much of the Oshi no Ko story is based on real events

In addition to being based on real stories from the artistic world, it is possible that some characters in Oshi no Ko were inspired by real people. About the process of creating the characters, Aka shared:

“If there are any issues with the character design, we discuss them and make changes. However, there was only one time we actually made a change. That was when I modeled a character after a real person, and the design came out very resembling the person in question.”

Oshi no Ko delves into elements of the entertainment industry, bringing an engaging plot with touches of reality. Although a work of fiction, its roots in real experiences and the complexities of the entertainment world raise important questions.

In this way, Oshi no Ko stands out as a work that balances fiction and reality, providing a captivating and reflective narrative for fans of the genre.

via: ANN

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