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All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs – at the moment

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Are we going to see all the Oshi no Ko arcs? Like many other anime, the story of Oshi no Ko is divided into arcs by the author, who always communicates when an arc ends and when another begins.

An arc, within a story, refers to a specific section or phase of the plot that has a distinct theme, objective, or narrative development. It is a part of the story that usually spans several chapters or episodes and may have its own progression and conclusion within the overall plot.

All Oshi no Ko Arcs

Now yes, below is the listing of all the Oshi no Ko arcs! And remember that there will be spoilers here of which direction the story is going.

Arc 1 – Prologue

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode 1
Manga: Chapters 1 – 10

The Prologue is the introductory arc of the story and takes place throughout the first volume of the manga, tells how Gorou reincarnated as the son of idol Ai Hoshino, now being called Aqua Hoshino. It also introduces her twin sister, Ruby Hoshino, and other characters such as Miyako Saitou, Ai agency president Ichigo Saitou, director Taishi Gotanda, and actress Kana Arima.

Arc 2 – World of Entertainment

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode 2 – 4
Manga: Chapters 11 – 20

The Second Arc! It shows the brothers entering school, and starting to work their way into the entertainment world, each for their own personal reason. It is in this arc that a producer who knows Ai, Masaya Kaburagi, is introduced. Other important characters also appear first in this arc like Shiranui Frill and Kotobuki Minami.

Arc 3 – Dating Reality Show

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode 5 – 8
Manga: Chapters 21 – 32

The third arc takes up the entire third volume of the manga plus two chapters of volume four. This is the story of how Aqua enters the TV dating show known as LoveNow in order to get information about Ai from producer Kaburagi.

This arc introduces important characters such as YouTuber Mem-Cho, actress Akane Kurokawa, and model Yuki Sumi. We also have the presence of Pieyon.

Arc 4 – The First Concert

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode 9 – 11 (possibly)
Manga: Chapters 33 – 40

Occurs in the rest of the 4th volume of the manga. Mem-Cho joins as an idol alongside Ruby and Kana in the new lineup of B-Komachi, Ai Hoshino’s legendary idol group. They perform at the Japan Idol Festival.

Arc 5 – 2.5D Play

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode ??
Manga: Chapters 41 – 66

Of the Oshi no Ko arcs, this one is the biggest. It spans the fifth, sixth, and first six chapters of the manga’s seventh volume.

The arc covers the preparation of the theatrical adaptation of a famous manga series, Tokyo Blade, and the play’s opening night. It features Tokyo Blade manga artist Abiko Samejima, playwright Goa, Lalalie troupe actors Taiki Himekawa and Sakuya Kamoshida, and director Toshirou Kindaichi.

Arc 6 – Private

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode ??
Manga: Chapters 67 – 80

From the Oshi no Ko arcs this one addresses the shocking revelation that Aqua discovers about her father’s mystery, in addition to covering the shooting of the music video for the new song by B-Komachi in Miyazaki, Aqua and Ruby’s hometown, as well as the place where their past lives, Gorou and Sarina, ended.

It features original group B-Komachi composer Himura, instagrammer/video creator Anemone Monemone, an unnamed man who is presumably Aqua and Ruby’s father, and a mysterious girl who appears to be connected to Gorou and Sarina’s reincarnation. .

Arc 7 – The Main Story

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode ??
Manga: Chapters 81 – 100

In this arc, Ruby starts to make her way in the entertainment world, participating in a web variety show where Aqua is one of the participants. Later, the story focuses on Aqua as he discovers his sister’s hidden secrets and his father’s ongoing mystery.

The arc introduces Shun Yoshizumi, assistant director of the variety show, Mimi Yoshizumi, sister of Shun and cosplayer/VTuber, Meiya, it is in this arc that it is revealed who is the father of Ruby and Aqua and responsible for the death of Ai.

Arc 8 – Scandal

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode ??
Manga: Chapters 101 – 108

One of the smaller Oshi no Ko arcs, addresses the possible scandal involving Kana Arima, after a compromising photo of her with a rising film director is captured by a paparazzi. It also addresses the drastic measure taken by Aqua Hoshino to alleviate the problem. Furthermore, the documentary features the newly famous director, Masanori Shima.

Arc 9 – Movie

All 9 Oshi no Ko Arcs - at the moment

Anime: Episode ??
Manga: Chapters 109 and in publication

Describes the making of the documentary “15 Years of Lies”, which is based on the life of Ai Hoshino. The process involves fundraising and casting the characters involved. Additionally, the documentary covers the audition for the role of Ai Hoshino, with Ruby Hoshino, Frill Shiranui, and Akane Kurokawa vying for the role.

And these were, for now, the list with the arcs of Oshi no Ko, the manga is still in publication so it is possible that we have more arcs, if that is the case, we will always update.

Information for the above arcs came from the Oshi no Ko wikia.

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