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Anime Group ORDA Announces Support for Russian Army and Promises Free Entry to Events

ORDA Announces Support for Russian Army

I think everyone knows the situation that is happening in Europe right now, between Russia and Ukraine, we publish very little on this subject here, only when something related to anime was involved.

Today’s news involves a Russian anime fan club called “ORDA”, this fan club has officially proclaimed support for the Russian army in its invasion of Ukraine.

They are promising all anime fans who participate in the conflict free entry to any events they end up organizing. Another thing informed is that they will donate part of the ticket sales of their events to the Russian army. In another statement they say they “Cancel Western Values”.

That fact ended up on a Russian show, such as an anime group that supports the conflict:

Below you can see two prints of the ORDA statement in support of the Russian army:

From what I’ve seen people say, this “ORDA” is a very small group, the news went viral more because a Russian news site made that video above about them and because it’s about anime the thing went more viral.

But it’s still pretty hard to believe that.