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Seiyuu Yukari Tamura is being harassed, stalked by some fans

Yukari Tamura is being harassed

Seiyuu Yukari Tamura is being harassed, stalked by some fans. She is recognized for lending her voice to characters such as Jibril from No Game No Life and Rika Furude from Higurashi. On May 1, her team released a press release.

The document in question states that several fans were following and harassing seiyuu Yukari Tamura, other artists, and people associated with her. The document asks them to stop this behavior.

Seiyuu Yukari Tamura is being harassed, stalked

He adds: ”Any act that violates another person’s privacy is harassment. When we discover this behavior, we report it directly to the police, even as a precautionary measure in case we suspect something”.

At the beginning of the document we have: ”Thank you very much for supporting seiyuu Yukari Tamura, especially those who managed to behave”.

Yukari Tamura is being harassed

Continuing: ”For some time now, we have observed stalking, harassment and other annoying behavior from various people against seiyuu Yukari Tamura, artists and related parties when traveling to local areas. All these acts are prohibited, and in the case of fan club members, all privileges will be revoked and they will be permanently banned if they participate in these activities”.

Seiyuu Yukari Tamura is being harassed – Forms of Harassment

The document also lists a number of harassment activities they observed against seiyuu Yukari Tamura:

1 – Forms of harassment on the go

  • Waiting at airports, train stations or stations trying to predict the boarding time.
  • Follow, chat or stalk when moving through an airport or train station.
  • Boarding internationally in the same aircraft and vehicle, or sitting very close.
  • Go back and forth near a seat that is being used.

2 – Forms of behavior in accommodation and stores

  • Waiting or stalking at the location or store being visited.
  • Deliberately using the same accommodation or shop.

3 – Others

  • Publication or dissemination of images, videos, etc. events on social networks.
  • Attempts to directly contact or obtain information from Yukari Tamura.
  • Take photos or videos or record during the presentation or when moving around.
  • Ignore staff warnings or restrictions.
  • Acts that cause inconvenience to everyone around.

The document concludes with the following: ”Such actions not only cause inconvenience to the artists themselves, all those involved, public authorities and related facilities, and the general public in the vicinity, but also cause unexpected problems, accidents, etc. We ask you not to do so”.

Via: Livedoor

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