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Samurai Maiden removes lines about Gen Z

Samurai Maiden removes lines about Gen Z

An action game called Samurai Maiden was recently released on Steam, the game is about a high school girl who ends up being transported to the Sengoku period.

So she joins 3 ninjas of the time and starts to face enemies, in addition the game is Yuri. At the moment the game has mixed reviews on Steam, among the complaints, we have that the game is too short for the price charged (in less than 10 hours it is possible to complete it).

In addition, the game has many scenes, the fight ends up getting repetitive but one of the biggest criticisms was the extremely bad translation of the game.

At various times in the game, the term “High School” was translated as “Generation Z”, instead of mentioning that the protagonist is a student. Luckily, there were so many complaints that the producers changed the subtitle.

See how it was before and how it looks now.

Previous text:

“Err, I’m Tsumugi Tamaori. Umm, what else… I think I’m studying, I’m in generation Z… and you are?”

New Text:

“Err, I’m Tsumugi Tamaori, I’m just an ordinary student I guess, and you are?”

Samurai Maiden removes lines about Gen Z

We have another example.

Previous Text:

“Um, you mentioned something about being ‘Generation Z’, what does that mean?”

New Text:

“Um, you mentioned something about being a high school girl, what does that mean?”

Samurai Maiden removes lines about Gen Z

It’s worth noting that in the original Japanese, in the text, she refers to herself as a high school girl, so all that “generation Z” talk was up to whoever did the English translation.

This generated many complaints on the internet and the developers saw this and decided to change it, changing the text to the original meaning.

The game has sold 50,000 units to date: