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Onimai Causes Trans Representation Complaints

Onimai Causes Trans Representation Complaints

Recently premiered the anime Onimai, the anime tells the story of Mahiro Oyama, an otaku boy who lives reclusively in his room without leaving home for 2 long years.

One day he wakes up with his body transformed into a high school girl, this is the result of an experiment his younger scientist sister did on him, turning him into a little girl.

From then on he starts to live like a girl, doing things he wasn’t used to doing. And well, apparently there were people who thought this would be an anime that would represent trans people.

Check out some comments:

In the post above you see him saying that it’s just a joke, but there are always those who take things seriously, check out other comments:


Anyway, according to the author, he made the publication as a joke. I watched the first episode and thought it was fun, it seems more like a story of his sister trying to get her brother back into society than her actually experimenting with him.