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No Game No Life Season 2? Not even the Author knows why there isn’t

Segunda Temporada de No Game No Life

Since No Game No Life aired in 2014, fans have been yearning and asking for No Game No Life Season 2, something that hasn’t happened yet, the most we’ve had is a movie called No Game No Life Zero that takes place before the anime’s story.

However, on March 15, author Yuu Kamiya went to his profile to talk about No Game No Life Season 2, apparently he is charged a lot about it.

Look what he said:

“Will there be a second season? I get this question in every language in the world, now I can understand what is written without translating. The answer is always the same, I want to know more than anyone else”.

At the end, the author says that he doesn’t know exactly why a second season was never made, he says:

“I can’t say what the reason is for not having a second season, but it’s not a problem with money or with anyone. Perhaps the problem is that “it was very well done”, so much so that it is difficult to do a new season with the same quality”.

Therefore, it is not known why No Game No Life does not have a second season, maybe it never will, but if the anime premiered in 2014 and next year is 2024… well…

The interesting thing is that my memory of the anime’s story is still fresh, I would have no problem continuing a second season even after all these years.

Via: Otakomu