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Controversy in the Idol Industry: Okada Nana has a Boyfriend according to Bunshun

Okada Nana Have a Boyfriend

Yet another controversy has erupted in the idol world these past few days, the fact is, Okada Nana is an AKB48 A-team idol, an idol.

The site Bunshun Online (which discovered the betrayal of the husband of singer Lisa and the voice actor of Reigen de Mob), made an article stating that the idol is dating actor Ino Hiroki, the two were seen holding hands in public and visiting an apartment with her father.

Okada Nana Have a Boyfriend
Photo of Okada Nana and actor Ino Hiroki

After the article aired, many fans felt disappointed with this news, many started claiming that she violated the “no dating” rule, but it was said that this rule no longer applies to AKB48 idols.

Another point that left many people furious is that it seems that her relationship is a contradiction to something she declared years ago and goes against how she was seen by fans.

She had said that she didn’t see gender in a relationship, so many people claimed that she was attracted to women, although she never said so clearly.

Now there are people accusing her of “queerbaiting”, which from what I’ve seen, is a term used to define those people who use sexuality to make money from the public,

There is no dating ban in AKB48

Mion Mukaichi, who is the general manager of AKB48, made a series of Tweets where she lamented that fans are upset and claimed that the time has come to review this rule that “bans” relationships for idols.

She said that she spoke with the management that takes care of the idol group AKB48 and confirmed with them that internally there is no rule that prohibits idols from having relationships, but this is something that exists in the perception of fans, and they hope that idols do not “cheat” that way.

A lot of people were very irritated with Mion Mukaichi’s comments, and remembered the case of the idol Minegishi Minami, in 2013, Minegishi Minami was an idol of the group AKB48, she was caught having spent a night with a boy, at the time “violating the rules of the group”.

As punishment, “herself” would have decided to shave her head and published a video apologizing, at the time she said this:

“I apologize to the other members of AKB48, my family, my production company staff for any concerns they may have had after reading an article that appeared today”

Former STU48 idol group member Haruka Sano posted on her profile that she believes idols should keep their love lives hidden, or not fall in love, for the sake of their fans.

So I saw some comments from people wondering where Mion Mukaichi was when Minegishi Minami was punished like that and now she decided to show up to defend Okada Nana.

Other comments claim that this is the beginning of the end for the AKB48 group, and there are those who still support the idol even though she has a boyfriend.

Fans destroy Okada Nana products

There are some prints circulating around of Okada Nana products that were destroyed by a fan, so far it is the print of just one profile, check it out below:

Fãs destroem produtos da Okada Nana Fas destroem produtos da Okada Nana 2

As far as I’ve seen, Okada Nana has yet to give a statement on the Bunshun Online story. When she speaks we will update you.