Voice of Ilulu, Tomomi Mineuchi to Quit Dubbing

Tomomi Mineuchi to Quit Dubbing

The agency I’m Enterprise announced that voice actress Tomomi Mineuchi will no longer be a voice actress from December 31st.

No reason was given as to why she is stepping down from voice acting, only what was said is that she will be ending her activities in gratitude and with thanks to her fans for supporting her.

Tomomi Mineuchi to Quit Dubbing

She is known for some important works, perhaps her best known is that of Ilulu, from the second season of Maid Dragon.

Comentando Dragon Maid S Ep 3

She also voiced Eiko Tokura from Slow Start, Ekua from Estab-life: Great Escape, Hanabi Ichijo from Scarlet Nexus, Alpha from Lapis Re:LIGHTs, Yae Sakura from Yakiniku-ten Sengoku, Ines Fujin from Uma Musume.

via: I’m Enterprise