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Lawyer says Japan is in Decline for exporting Anime and Games

Lawyer says Japan is in Decline for exporting Anime and Games

A Japanese lawyer has again decided to attack anime and manga. Hiroko Joutaki is a lawyer from Kyoto, she published in her profile that if Japan exports anime and manga as its cultural export, it means that the country is in “decline”.

Let’s read some of the comments she made about anime and manga:

“When my European friend saw Japan’s sexual advertisements, he said that “it was like his grandmother’s era” and that “it was like Japan was not a developed country”. , anime etc became the “main product”, it became a country in decline”

At this point here, several other Japanese commented irritated with her statement, see some comments:

“The only country that can match the amount of content released by Japan is pretty much just the US, right? Also, what is the source of your claims that games and anime have become “mainstream products”? My acknowledgment is that automobiles and Precise machines such as sensors were the overwhelming majority.”

“I don’t understand your logic at all. Having cultural exports like games and anime as the main driving product is, in fact, something that is only possible in developed countries. Do you have any counterexamples?”

“I see, so the tendency in Europe now is to look down on and mock the culture of other countries, huh. Wow, what a pretty developed civilization they have there! If that’s what defines a “developed country”, I’m fine with continuing to live in one” country in decline.

“You listening to what Europeans say and thinking they must be right is an attitude even older than my grandmother’s day, going back to when Asians were slaves in the western colonies.”

“How strange that you don’t even mention your friend’s country of origin. This is sounding more and more like a made-up example.”

Anyway, what do you think of another case of this type?