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News Blames Tokyo Revengers for Biker Gang Arrest

News Blames Tokyo Revengers for Biker Gang Arrest

A Japanese news website reported on the arrest of some men who rode motorcycles causing noise in Japan.

“Bosozoku” as it’s known, is a Japanese youth subculture associated with rebels and motorcycle customization, I haven’t watched the Tokyo Revengers anime, but the gang idea is there.

So what happened?

When reporting to 47News, they put the following in their call:

“14 suspects from a motorcycle group for careless driving were exposed. Influence of Tokyo Revengers”

The article says that the young men who were caught said that they were “influenced by Tokyo Revengers”, but Japanese people pointed out missing information in the article and began to criticize the news, wanting to blame an anime for the situation.

Traditional Japanese media has always wanted to blame manga and anime for problems that occur from time to time.