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Amazon censors Another World Survival

Amazon censors Another World Survival

Amazon again banned publications and asked for censorship, we went back to the Middle Ages, another light novel suffered from the site, this time it is “Another World Survival”.

According to publisher Hanashi Media, according to “Amazon policies”, initially Another World Survival was banned from Amazon, including volume 1 that had already been published was to be withdrawn.

Amazon still canceled all pre-orders that were made of the light novel.

However, a publication on a later day indicates that the publisher is censoring the light novel at Amazon’s request to be able to continue selling on the site, since apparently the light novel will be released on Amazon, as they disclosed that “due to Amazon’s policies” , the second volume will be delayed.

What is Another World Survival all about?

Amazon censors Another World Survival

In case you didn’t know, we have a category of posts here on the site where we present light novels and manga, and Another World Survival became one of those light novels that I read and considered for a post.

If I remember correctly, the story is about a school that apparently ends up in another world (I didn’t read much to know if the school really ended up in another world), but monsters start to appear and some students die, some girls end up being abused by the monsters too and a journey to survive begins.