New petition calls for the Chainsaw Man anime not be remade

New petition calls for the Chainsaw Man anime not be remade

This has already become a mess, don’t you agree? Previously, we first posted here about a petition that fans created asking for the Chainsaw Man anime to be remade.

The strong point of the petition is the criticism of the anime’s director, who, according to these fans, did not understand how Chainsaw Man is, and made an underwhelming adaptation.

The petition reached 2,000 signatures and currently has 2,800 signatures. However, the situation became more chaotic, as a new petition asks that the Chainsaw Man anime not be remade, going directly against the other petition!

The new petition calling for the Chainsaw Man anime not to be remade has only 77 signatures so far.

New petition calls for the Chainsaw Man anime not be remade

According to the description of this new petition, it says that “extremist fans” have signed a petition asking for the production of the anime to be restarted, saying that although many people enjoy the anime, these “extremist fans” want to impose their interpretations on the anime.

The description says they want this to go away as it gives Chainsaw Man fans a bad reputation. He also mentions possible points of the anime’s success, mentioning:

  • Dominating Google Searches
  • Manga sales increased
  • Majority of fans are satisfied with the anime
  • Chainsaw Man collaborated with many companies
  • Products selling well
  • Views on streaming sites are fine
  • The original author is satisfied with the adaptation”

“Are you really complaining about a good anime?”, “It’s the good Chainsaw Man fans who suffer”, “As expected from an otaku”, are some of the comments criticizing the first petition. The signatures collected by this new petition will be delivered to the creator of the petition asking for the restart of the anime, in order for him to give up his action.

These are the Japanese reactions to this petition:

“Is this the dream battle?”

“It’s Hell”

“Enough of this anime”

“Let’s crush each other”

“How can you be so crazy about anime?”

“Is this a fan or an antagonist?”

Let the battle of petitions begin, who wins? The petition calling for Chainsaw Man to be remade or the new Petition calling for the Chainsaw Man anime NOT to be remade?

via: Otakomu