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Loid and Anya robbed a bank for Taiwan Police training

Loid and Anya robbed a bank

A video published 3 days ago has attracted otakus due to the an unusual situation. What happened is Loid and Anya robbed a bank for Taiwan Police training.

The video basically shows two people arriving on a motorcycle at an agency, the motorcycle driver dressed as Loid and a girl behind him dressed as Anya, both from the SPY x FAMILY anime.

Loid and Anya robbed a bank

Upon entering the agency, they are welcomed by the guard who asks they something, but soon “Loid and Anya” take out their guns and start shooting in the air, creating panic among all the customers and employees of the place.

Loid and Anya robbed a bank

Anya then goes to the cashier where she forces the employee to put all the money in a bag, after receiving the money Anya leaves the agency walking way, way, waaaayy too slowly, giving all the time necessary for the Taiwanese police to arrive and arrest her :

Loid and Anya robbed a bank

“Anya” lies on the ground and is surrendered by the police, “Loid” was caught soon after on his motorcycle.

Loid and Anya robbed a bank

Loid and Anya robbed a bank. But for what reason?

What is all this exactly? Basically Loid and Anya robbed a bank as part of training for the police in Nangang District, Taiwan, which aims to improve the security of financial institutions and the police’s performance in these incidents.

And to viralize the training, making more people aware of such act, they decided to make the robbers use cosplays of Loid and Anya from the anime SPY x FAMILY, it is worth mentioning that the two “robbers” are policemen just playing their roles in this training.

Below you can see the video of the training:

These were the reactions of the Japanese when they found out about such training:

“Wow! an example of Operation Strix failing”

“Anya is strong because she can read people’s minds”

“I really want a pink MAC 10”

“Anya robbed a bank to help with family finances”

“It was necessary for the police woman to dress up as Anya…”

I think another reason also for the two policemen to use SPY x FAMILY cosplays was so that the personnel who would be part of the training could easily recognize them, what if during the training, real robbers appear?

via: Otakomu