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AI Vtuber Neuro-sama has been banned from Twitch

Neuro-sama has been banned from Twitch

For those of you who didn’t know such a thing existed, we have a Vtuber AI called Neuro-sama, she is a Vtuber AI that was created by a developer called Vedal.

She was trained to play the game as well as interact with the chat and there are lots of funny clips of her on the internet. However, she was banned from Twitch, the platform on which she made her broadcasts.

According to what reports the website Automaton, the reason for banning Neuro-sama from Twitch is due to dangerous comments she made in several lives, such as denying that the holocaust happened, jokes with the mother of whom she watched among other things .

It’s still a bit unclear why Neuro-sama has been banned from Twitch, whether it was because of the things she said or whether it’s because she’s an AI and not a real person broadcasting on the platform.

Anyway, according to creator Vedal, Neuro-sama has been banned from Twitch for two weeks only, he says he will take the time to improve the AI and come back better than ever after the ban is lifted.

via: Automaton