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”Otaku should not donate blood”, says feminist teacher

Otaku should not donate blood

A Japanese Twitter user drew attention after sharing the following statement from his anthropology professor: ”Otaku should not donate blood as they have little ethics”.

This comment came after another Japanese Twitter user posted a photo of a row of Red Cross cars for blood donors near where the Comiket was held.

Otaku should not donate blood?

Otaku should not donate blood? Let’s go to the comments of Japanese otakus about this teacher’s statement:

”The Red Cross has publicly stated that otaku blood is clean. They say this is because otaku spend money on their hobbies as they are not interested in real women, so less female affection = less infections”

”I prefer otaku who lead a healthier lifestyle to donate blood than ”normal” people who tend to make these kinds of mean comments”

”Wow, what are you trying to say? Is otaku blood dirty?”

”Under no circumstances should your teacher receive a blood transfusion. Plus he might have some otaku blood”

”There are no ethics, zero objectivity and zero claims. It’s just a statement with nothing but the contents of an empty head”

”She can be a little clingy, but she’s a virgin, so she’s not that dirty”

”What would this feminist do if she was about to bleed to death and all she had was otaku blood?”

”As soon as they exchange the blood of otakus for the blood of the mentally disabled, most will side with feminists”

Around 300 otaku donated blood to help people in need, as you can see in the image below:

otaku should not donate blood

Via: Twitter