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Japanese Communist Party Member Arrested for Filming High School

Japanese Communist Party Member Arrested for Filming High School

Chiba police recently arrested the general secretary of the Japanese Communist Party, Onishi Wataru, for violating the Nuisance Prevention Ordinance.

Onishi Wataru entered into a women’s restroom at Chiba Station around 8:05 pm on October 23 and filmed a schoolgirl with his smartphone.

According to the police, on November 21, the police received a call from someone saying that he had filmed a woman at the station, when the police checked his smartphone, they found the video, the police also identified the girl. He was arrested on the 12th.

Japanese Communist Party Member Arrested for Filming High School

Now let’s the irony of his arrest for voyeurism, Wataru Onishi became known for some things in his political life, he insisted on “Zero molestation”, talking about ideas and projects for Japan to reach the point of having zero cases of abuse s*xual.

In a 2021 tweet, Onishi says: “Above all, the fact that politicians take this issue seriously should be a step for society to understand and not tolerate molestation and s*xual crimes.”

Onishi has loads and loads of tweets criticizing rival parties accusing them of being s*xist, saying they have a distorted view of women, and a bunch of tweets saying that s*x crimes should be handled with care as they are traumatic events.

And he also sided with Colabo, whose members are known to have been critical of the Onsen Musume project. Onsen Musume is a project where “onsen girls” help promote real Japanese hot spring houses with music, merchandise, etc.

A woman claimed that the Onsen Musume project was basically the s*xualization of women and soon started a campaign against the project, this disturbed many hot springs places that had girls from the project.

As mentioned above, Japanese Communist Party members defended those who attacked Onsen Musume, and they themselves attacked Onsen Musume, one of the members said this about the project:

Japanese Communist Party Member Arrested for Filming High School

“People who condemn those who criticize Onsen Musume, are predators who promote s*x crimes, moreover, I think Onsen Musume is something disgusting”.

Recently Colabo came into controversy as a fraudulent scheme involving the organization was discovered, and Wataru Onishi shared a tweet that said: “Today’s story from Shinbun Akahata is about Colabo, I think harassment against Colabo is harassment against me and against women, my solidarity with all of them”.

As mentioned above, Colabo is an organization whose members attacked Onsen Musume. Karma is really strong huh? Once members of the Japanese Communist Party blame an anime girl project for being s*xualized, shortly after one of its members is caught spying on real girls.

The Communist Party of Japan apologized to the population for the action of its member.

via: Chiba Nippo e Romly