Idol Nana Okada Announces graduation After Dating Was Discovered

Nana Okada Announces graduation

We previously published here on the site the case of idol Nana Okada, who was discovered dating an actor by the gossip site Bunshun Online.

Today she finally broke her silence and in a note on her official profile, she announced her departure from idol group AKB48.

Her publication is full of apologies, check out an approximate translation of what she said:

“I apologize for the trouble I caused because of the situation with the magazine (Bunshun), I also apologize for the delay in posting an apology. I apologize for betraying and hurting all the fans who supported me until today, I’m sorry for having disappointed you.

We’ve criticized general election scandals in the past, and wanted to move to a group whose hard-working members are rewarded, I’m filled with apologetic sentiments.

It’s okay if you think I’m not convincing, but it’s true that I’ve tried my best as an idol for the past 10 years. I truly love the AKB48 group, the staff, the members and the fans.

I decided to think carefully about my situation, and made a firm decision, I will graduate from AKB48.

The staff said that I didn’t need to graduate, but after several discussions, I made that decision myself. Although my graduation date has not been set yet, I wanted to do my best in AKB48’s activities until the very end.

Please let me talk to you again at a later date.

To all fans and members, I’m sorry for being that kind of person.”

As stated in our previous article, Nana Okada was seen dating a man, an actor. Part of the fans really feel betrayed because of this relationship.

However, there is another part that was disappointed that Nana Okada was dating a man and not a woman. As mentioned before, Nana Okada gave a speech years ago talking about gender not mattering.

Many assumed she was a lesbian, and many people liked her for that, so there are many comments from people criticizing her for finding out that Nana Okada is dating a man, bringing up her rant from years ago.

via: Twitter