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Nagatoro cap 144 joins Uzaki-chan

Nagatoro cap 144 joins Uzaki-chan


Nagatoro cap 144 is out, and it joins the romance manga that spends a long time teasing but eventually the main couple gets together, and the manga simply continues.

Yes, Senpai and Nagatoro are finally an official couple!

Nagatoro cap 144 joins Uzaki-chan

Since it’s been a long time since I read the manga and I don’t remember the chapter I stopped at, I don’t know the exact context of the scene, but I imagine Senpai finally decided to confess to her because they are sitting face to face in a beautiful landscape.

Nagatoro cap 144 joins Uzaki-chan

So Senpai starts talking about when they first met and everything that happened, and how Nagatoro made him change during this time they’ve known each other. Nagatoro then begins to understand what’s happening and gets nervous.

In classic Nagatoro mode, she starts teasing him as a “virgin” with her usual jokes to see if he doesn’t continue, but Senpai stands firm and leaves her embarrassed, until he finally confesses:

“I love you, Nagatoro, please go out with me.”

Nagatoro cap 144 joins Uzaki-chan

And her response? Well, fortunately, it is not necessary to wait for the next chapter because we had Nagatoro’s answer right here. She also starts talking about her life and the disappointment she had in her sport and how meeting him helped her, and in the end, she accepts.

Now the two are finally boyfriend and girlfriend! Quite similar to how the Uzaki-chan manga developed, two manga about provocative girls that end in a relationship!

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