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Makoto Sanda defends Isekai

Makoto Sanda defends Isekai

Makoto Sanda is the author of Lord El-Melloi II and Rental Magica, he published a thread on his profile where he gave his opinion on Isekai stories and presented an argument that makes sense.

One thing I see very prominently among Western fans is complaining about why the protagonist doesn’t complain and doesn’t try to get back home after being transported to another world.

Makoto Sanda defends Isekai

Makoto Sanda defends Isekai

Makoto Sanda gave his opinion on the case:

“There was a tweet circulating that said: “In recent isekai, it is common for the protagonist not to want to go back to the original world”, and that was really a great invention, because thanks to this, the scope of isekai stories has expanded much more ( If everyone wanted to come back, all stories would be the same).”

“Also, this is a perspective that is difficult to come up with from professionals. As professionals, it’s hard to ignore the “elements that lead to it”. We often say that “no mold, no mold”, and I largely agree with that, but I think this change of perspective is more easily found among amateurs.

Oh, just to be clear, when I say it’s hard for “professionals” to ignore, I’m also including the observations made by the editors. It’s totally valid when they point out things like “If it was an ordinary character, he’d be preoccupied with the previous world, wouldn’t he?” However, in doing so, we sometimes close off certain possibilities, limiting them in a certain way (although this is normal in editing work).”

When ReZero premiered, I remember having a lot of people complaining about the anime simply not showing Subaru thinking about his house or wanting to go back, and I saw a lot of people angry about that.

But what do you think?

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