mother complains about Gravure Idols in Manga Magazines

mother complains about Gravure Idols in Manga Magazines

A mother complains about Gravure Idols in a bikini on the covers of manga magazines. But what is an idol gravure and why are they on the covers of manga magazines?

A gravure idol is what we call a type of model in Japan, they are young women who usually appear in a bikini in photo shoots, and they usually stamp the covers and some pages of magazines that publish manga.

See as an example this magazine, which is a magazine that has manga chapters but also has pictures of gravure idols and one on its cover:

shizuku taiyo gravure idol japan sexy picture 2 1

Well, a mother of a young boy showed her concern about these gravure idols on the covers of manga magazines such as Shonen Magazine and Shonen Sunday.

She said that she feels that lately “there’s been an increase in extreme gravure idols in boys’ magazines”, does she mean she thinks the pictures are getting more and more “spicy”?

This mother says, “My son is approaching puberty, and I’m worried”, she said she’s afraid of the “negative” influences that this type of photo can have on her son,

“Do we really need gravure idols in boys’ magazines?” Anyway, what do you think about this subject?

Japanese reaction:

“She worries too much”

“Let him read”

“Your husband saw it too”

“Children aren’t as stupid as their parents think”

“The only people who get turned on by pictures of gravure idols are old men”

“Aren’t you going to if you haven’t already given him a smartphone? It’s too late”

“Why can’t he be sexually active? I don’t understand”

“I think it’s normal”

“Mothers Always Underestimate Their Children’s Sexual Desires”

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