Riko Hoshino: Former patissier debuts on JAV

Riko Hoshino: Ex-Confeiteira estreia no JAV

A Former patissier debuts on JAV! New actresses appear on JAV every week, the vast majority are women we’ve never heard of, sometimes some acquaintances come from elsewhere like Youtuber, TikTok, Gravure, Idol etc.

JAV’s new star is named Riko Hoshino (星乃莉子), earlier this summer she appeared in an idol gravure shoot but what stands out in Riko’s life is that before she ventured into this world, she was a baker!

Doesn’t that make you wonder what would have happened in her life for her to leave the bakery and decide to make adult movies? Maybe the pandemic hit the place where she worked very hard and money decreased a lot?

Anyway, Riko Hoshino’s debut movie will premiere on October 6th on SODstar, to see more photos of the former baker as well as film footage of her, go to Cakemoe.

Riko Hoshino: Ex-Confeiteira estreia no JAVRiko Hoshino: Ex-Confeiteira estreia no JAV

His debut film has a total of 205 minutes and already has images on the internet, basically we will have oil in one of the scenes. Among other things we have a scene inside a car in the so-called “magic mirror”, where you can see the outside but you can’t see inside.

And one of the scenes put her to bake a cake! The film code is STARSBD-716.