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GANTZ Author Wants to Regulate Adult Doujins

GANTZ Author Wants to Regulate Adult Doujins

The GANTZ Author wants to regulate adult doujins. A lot has been said about the use of AI in illustrations in Japan recently and apparently Hiroya Oku is the first famous manga author to appear advocating the use of AI for illustrations?

GANTZ Author Wants to Regulate Adult Doujins

In his official profile, the author of Gantz, Gigant and other famous manga said that he feels respect when fans produce cosplays and fanart with AI, but that he “is only disgusted” with adult doujins”.

“Personally, I am happy when someone cosplays or fanarts AI from my manga, as I feel that they are showing respect for my work. However, when they create erotic doujinshi, even if they are hand-drawn, I just feel repulsed. I don’t feel it at all. of respect. I wish it was more regulated.”

After posting this a fan asked, “So are you ok with side jobs based on your stories as long as it’s not in the format of an adult doujin?” to which the author replied: “As long as there is respect”.

Another person asked what he could do exactly, and the author of GANTZ replied that fan works, adult doujins made by AI or by hand, are fine as long as there is respect.

But why this posture of the author of Gantz? Well, Hiroya Oku is using AI a lot, he’s been posting a lot of AI art on his profile lately and it’s obvious he’s enjoying using the tool:

So he’s obviously seeing the whole discussion around using AI and people wanting to see the tool heavily regulated.

Via: Twitter

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