Persona 5: Fan discovers in game code that Morgana will always heal Ann first

Morgana will always heal Ann first

A Persona 5 fan discovered that Morgana’s AI will always heal Ann first, while Ryuji only heals Morgana as a last resort. This happens when you set your party for AI control and your tactics for healing as well.

After all, Ann is his waifu apparently, right?

Morgana will always heal Ann first

The Persona 5 code that proves this was posted on Reddit, check it out below:

Morgana will always heal Ann first

Morgana will always heal Ann first

I can’t confirm this, but according to the article, Persona 5 players tend to stick to manual controls to stop their party from doing silly things like hitting fire resistant enemies with fire spells, which it probably was. the reason it took so long for fans to discover this easter egg.

Morgana will always heal Ann first

It’s a small feature, but a cool way to further integrate the character’s personality into the combat itself. Check out some fan comments about this discovery:

”I love when games do that. It’s so subtle, yet so perfect. It embodies the lore with gameplay! As in Yakuza 7, a certain boss never attacks your female characters, meanwhile destroying your male characters.”

”That makes perfect sense, given their dynamics.”

”Honestly, I prefer that to them healing everyone equally. It’s an amazing little quirk in the game that I never noticed.”

”That’s a nice attention to detail that I’d love to see in more games.”

What do you think?

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Thumb image: Reddit