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Apparently $20K USD for Persona 5 Zine was spent on Genshin Impact

Apparently $20K USD for Persona 5 Zine was spent on Genshin Impact

There is a project by a group of Persona 5 fans that was raising funds for the production of a Zine of the game, however, it seems, more than $20K USD raised for the production of the Zine were stolen and spent on the game Genshin Impact.

What is a Zine?

A zine usually refers to a fan-made zine, wherein a group of people team up to create content and release the compilation as a product. Zines may both be printed or digital with any accompanying merchandise. They may be either “for profit” in which a cut of the sales will go towards the contributors, or “for charity”, where proceeds will be donated towards an organization of choice. “For charity” zines do also compensate contributors with a finished product, just that there is no monetary gain.

Apparently $20K USD for Persona 5 Zine was spent on Genshin Impact

There is a project for a Zine based on the Persona 5 game called “SHOWTIME” that started in November 2020. Due to the corona the project ended up being postponed a few times. In March of this year, there was a thread made on Twitter by a consumer who was concerned about the lack of transparency and project updates.

Anyway, what happened right? On June 23, the official profile of the SHOWTIME project released a statement stating that the lead moderator of the project, Ree, ended up spending $20K USD that was raised for the project.

According to their statement, Ree returned 3000 but the rest was gone, never to return. According to the statement, she spent it on personal things. As a result, she was dropped from the project.

Because of this, the project people are no longer able to fulfill the requests that were made by people years ago, and they also can’t take legal action against Ree, since everything went through her bank account, and there was nothing in contract.

Apparently Money Was Spent on Genshin Impact

Eula genshin

According to a (private) Twitter post by someone, Ree ended up spending over $20K USD on Genshin Impact!

All for the Husbands apparently huh? Many Genshin Impact players don’t understand how a person can spend all that in the game, since with much less you already get all the 5-star characters in the game.

Anyway, the official zine SHOWTIME profile said that they can’t say where Ree actually spent the money, and that she must speak for herself.

They also report that everything about “spending money on Genshin” is speculative, and that no member has made any statements. In the end, it’s waiting.

What a joke huh.

via: GamerBraves

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