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MoeGoe AI generates your waifu’s voice perfectly


IA MoeGoe generates your waifu’s voice! We’ve already talked about some AIs that generate anime-style images. Today, we’re going to show you an AI that generates your waifu’s voice perfectly!

MoeGoe AI has 2890 stored voices of many anime characters and with this AI you can make your waifu say nice words to you through text input function i.e. write what you want AI will play with your waifu’s voice!

MoeGoe AI

MoeGoe AI

MoeGoe AI

MoeGoe AI generates your waifu’s voice!

MoeGoe generates voices in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Below is an example of the AI ​​in action on YouTube showing the Princess Connect girls! Re:Dive with AI-generated voices:

AIs are dominating! MoeGoe has already become popular among the Japanese, generating many videos with voices of various characters generated by MoeGoe. Some already combine art made by an AI with a voice generated by MoeGoe. See some more examples below:

There are those who say that the MoeGoe AI could eliminate the work of the voice actor, since there is a ”shop” with high quality voices made by an AI. Robots will replace us!

See some comments about MoeGoe:

”This will ruin some voice actors career hahaha.”

”If you combine this with Novel AI, you can create your own animation.”

”The beginning of the end for voice actors.”

”Hey, this also leads to many men becoming Vtuber with a waifu voice.”

Anyway, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!