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MangaPlus Used AI to Edit Rugby Rumble Manga

MangaPlus Used AI to Edit Rugby Rumble Mang

The MangaPlus is the official Jump site where fans worldwide can read their manga, allowing the first and last 3 chapters of their manga to be read for free.

Numerous series join the MangaPlus catalog, and recently, a new sports manga became available, Rugby Rumble, by the author Daisuke Miyata.

MangaPlus Used AI to Edit Rugby Rumble Manga

The first chapter of Rugby Rumble became available on MangaPlus on September 28 and has generated over 41,000 views in its English version so far. However, when fans started reading the chapter, they noticed that the editing was peculiar.

Essentially, the text arrangement in speech bubbles and text boxes seemed odd, and upon reading the first chapter of Rugby Rumble, it was discovered that MangaPlus hired a company called Orange Inc to handle the editing.

See how it was:

Rugby Rumble

Fans began to complain on Twitter, and a particular post generated over 640,000 views, complaining that MangaPlus was using AI for editing.

Yes, this is because Orange Inc specializes in using AI for its edits, so what you see above is basically the work of an AI. However, the complaints had an effect because shortly after, the chapter was updated.

Translator Mei Amaki was called in to correct the editing of Chapter 1 of Rugby Rumble and is now credited for this work. Below are comparisons of how it was before, with only the work of Orange Inc, and after Mei Amaki got involved:

MangaPlus Used AI to Edit Rugby Rumble Manga

MangaPlus Used AI to Edit Rugby Rumble Manga

Some comments on the case:

“It’s disgusting how they used AI instead of a professional.”

“Good news, congratulations to the translation team for acting quickly.”

“Congratulations to the translator for fixing this in a short period when it wasn’t even her job; I hope she was well paid.”

“Great, now I can read the manga.”

“First time a complaint on Twitter led to something good.”

“I hope they drop Orange from Chapter 2 and get a good editor.”

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