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Man decides to dress up as a girl to fight molesters and is molested

Man decides to dress up as a girl

Today’s Weird Japan features a strange story that happened in Japan, this story comes straight from Twitter, in today’s story we have a man who decided to dress up as a high school girl to fight molesters, only for him to fall victim to it.

Context first for a better understanding, the beginning of the year tends to be exams for Japanese students, important exams to enter the educational institutions that they most want.

And this is a favorite time for abusers, on anonymous forums, abusers exchange information and talk about getting on trains on exam days to abuse female students.

The reason for this is that it’s full of students heading to their exam venues around this time and apparently reports of abuse are low as not wanting to waste time getting to the exam venue too soon, many girls don’t report it. This practice of abuse on public transport is known as Chikan.

Man decides to dress up as a girl to fight molesters and is molested

To help fight “Chikan” on public transport, a man named Yui on Twitter decided to dress like a high school girl, from the photo you might not even be able to tell it’s a guy:

Man decides to dress up as a girl
Man decides to dress up as a girl to fight molesters and is molested

Then dressed like a schoolgirl and got on public transport to fight the molesters! It didn’t work out and he came back traumatized. In a publication of the same day he said what happened to him on public transport:

“They didn’t touch me directly, but hugged me from behind and got as close as they could to my body, even full of people (in the transport), they ended up cornering me in a place that wouldn’t let me out. The breathing of some guys in the my neck was uncomfortable and I couldn’t do anything, because I thought that if I resisted they might hurt me. It was the first time I took the morning train in uniform, I was naive”.

Man decides to dress up as a girl

Yui decided that she would not take the train the next day and asked people to be careful when using the train. This story caused some women to criticize him, see some comments:

“If you did something like this without anyone asking, take your responsibility until the end”

“Even if you now understand what it’s like, it’s meaningless if you don’t take action to resolve it”

“It reminds me a lot of anime, anyway, I wish there weren’t any perverts in the world”

“Even if you do, no one will be saved and abusers will only be happier”

“Dressing like a woman and getting on the train will only give abusers a successful experience, thus increasing the harm.”

Well, there’s no way to know if in fact Yui’s story is really true, anyway her story went viral on social media and many Japanese comments about the case were made. Chikan’s problem despite the various advances that have already been made is something that occurs with some frequency.