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Japanese men reports Netorare live on Twitter

Netorare live on Twitter

Netorare live on Twitter! 10 days ago, Reddit was actually amused by a story told by a Japanese man whose profile has since disappeared from social media. It all started when user rockkame3 innocently posted on June 9 that he was with his daughter at her grandparents’ house while his wife went out to eat with a friend.

Japanese men reports Netorare live on Twitter

All the prints below were saved and published on Reddit, the first print of the story has Rockkame3 telling that while he took his daughter to visit her grandparents, his wife had gone out with a friend.

Netorare live on Twitter

But 1 hour later, another publication from Rockkame3, saying that he tracked his wife’s AirPods and said that she was in a region of hotels. He even asks himself “This is a mistake, right?”.

Netorare live on Twitter

In another tweet, Rockkame3 says he wanted to call his wife and ask her what she was doing in the hotel area, but because his daughter was with him, he didn’t call as he didn’t want to cause a scene.

People then started communicating with Rockkame3, in some of his messages, he would have said that he thinks his wife would have the ability to cheat on him. He didn’t text her and her profile disappeared from twitter.

These are some Reddit rations:

“Was that just for the memes? Maybe it’s real, we’ll never know”


“This time it’s for real”

“NTR Story”

“NTR live action”

“So sad, will see if there are any updates to this story in the future”

“Real women cheat on you, but 2D would never do that, stay in 2D”

“Why talk to a real woman if characters exist”

“Looks like he’s thinking about divorce”

There is also another print of Rockkame3 simply saying “It’s over”, unfortunately we don’t have any updates on this story, since his profile disappeared from Twitter.

It could be real, it could be fake, maybe we’ll never know.

Via: Reddit

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