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Man Blames Parents for Becoming a Hikikomori

Man Blames Parents for Becoming a Hikikomori

Hiroshi Onoboshi is a 46-year-old jobless man arrested for killing his elderly parents in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, full of grudge, the killer blames parents for him becoming a hikikomori.

For those who don’t know, half a million people live in isolation in Japan, these people are known as ”hikikomori”, they are lonely people who move away from all social contact and often stay home for years.

Man Blames Parents for Becoming a Hikikomori

Let’s see what the killer said about his parents:

”I held a grudge against my parents. It’s their fault that I became a hikikomori,” he told police.

Killer blames parents for becoming a hikikomori

He turned himself in at a police station in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture, where he admitted killing his parents on March 29: 75-year-old Mitsuo Onoboshi and 72-year-old Yasuko Onoboshi were found dead in their home in Tauraizumi, apparently stabbed to death.

Investigators found a notebook containing grudges the man held against his own parents. According to a report, Hiroshi was married but divorced several years ago. He lived with his parents where he was unable to hold down a regular job and accumulated huge gambling debts.

Via: Kyodo