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Man arrested for involving 17-year-old student in s*x work

Man arrested for involving 17-year-old student in sx work

Tokyo police arrested Takeshi Shikano, a 40-year-old man who runs a sex industry business in Ikebukuro. He was arrested on suspicion of violating the Child Welfare Act as this man is arrested for engaging a female high school student in sex labor.

Media reports of the arrest do not specify what kind of sex work, which took place in a rented room in the neighborhood in November last year.

The police however called it a JK rifure service, or reflexology for high school students where hugs and so on are offered as available intimate options. In JK rifure services, women are usually older than high school age.

Man arrested for involving 17-year-old student in s*x work

Shikano denied the accusation claiming he didn’t know the girl was 17 years old. For her part, the girl would have said that she wanted money to fund her fandom of underground male idols.

Police discovered the crime when they spotted the girl in the local area. Media reports showed Shikano, a very ordinary looking guy with glasses, doing the perp walk, and also displaying items seized by the police.

man arrested for involving

Ikebukuro is an important transportation hub and is also home to a large number of brothels and sex services. Along with Akihabara, it is Tokyo’s hub for JK rifure and related JK sexual services known as ”JK business”.

Source: Tokyo Kinky